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Telia Company Q2 2016

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TeliaCompany's press conference webcast for interim report Q2. Starts at 9:30 (CET)
Telia Company and TRACE announce beneficiary of anti-corruption scholarship

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Telia Company´s new Head Office – an amazing place for a great bunch of people

Today is the first day for around 3300 employees at Telia Company´s brand new Head Office in Solna. In the super modern office, designed and furnished to kindle creativity, cable is history. Everyone works where they choose, on the fastest wifi network available.

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Mobile + ID = a great idea

Gone digital: 99% of bank transfers, 98% of prescribed medicines and 95% of tax returns. Mobile-ID has made it big in Estonia - and it’s all thanks to Telia Eesti. This is a digitalization story worth sharing.


Telia Norway has Norway’s best mobile network

Telia’s customers in Norway now enjoy the best mobile network coverage in the country. Telia Norway recently came out on top in what was Norway’s biggest ever independent test of the Norwegian mobile networks, carried out by TEK.no, Noway’s leading tech site.

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Danes are paying for bigger TV packages than they need

The Danes are becoming more selective when it comes to TV products. A survey from Telia in Denmark and YouGov shows that many are tired of paying for channels they never watch.

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Swedes get free surf on social – if they’re nice to each other

As the first operator in the world, Telia Sweden offers customers free surf on the most popular social media sites and apps, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. There’s only one condition – be nice!


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