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  • Today Sonera in Finland changes name to Telia. With this change all fully-owned subsidiaries of Telia Company in the Nordic and Baltic region now bear the name Telia. That is six markets that can now fully take advantage of our strategy regarding convergence and cross market offerings.
  • Telia Company subsidiary Telia Carrier recently announced a successful trial of the transponder platform Voyager on the 1,089 km Stockholm-Hamburg network route. Voyager is developed by Facebook and believed to be the first white box* transponder and routing solution in the industry. The test is an important step on the journey to disaggregate hardware from software components in networks.
  • After having suffered from a serious heart condition while driving his car a few years ago, Terje Tobiassen at Norwegian company ContinYou, came up with an idea for a health watch that can predict critical medical conditions. Now Contact is launched in Norway in co-operation with Telia.
  • New Danish legislation on blocking of specific Internet sites was proposed in January 2017 as part of a national action plan against extremism and radicalization. Telia Company’s commitment is to respect freedom of expression, we therefore report on new legislation with potentially serious impacts on the freedom of expression of our customers.
  • To meet the needs of business customers in an increasingly digitalized world, Sonera, as the first operator in Europe, will provide cloud-based SD-WAN – software-defined Wide Area Network – for production use to its business customers.


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