Smart Business

Some call it the fort industrial revolution, the massive ongoing disruption in which robotics, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, biotechnology, Internet of Things and 3D printing will be introduced on broad scale, and just as when steam power, the assembly line or the robots were invented, the technology under development will reshape the world as we know it. To be a winner in this dramatic change, companies must be open for continuously changing their business models – and start doing it quickly.

The Nordic-Baltic region is the most digitalized corner of the world, and the countries are always fighting in the top when various digitalization indexes are presented. The good breeding ground gives entrepreneurs and corporations working in the region a head start when their new ideas and services are developed and introduced to customers. Here, digital skills and high quality connectivity have already reached the vast majority of the population and they live their lives on-line to a larger extent than anywhere else does.

The good digital environment are one of the reasons why so many of the last decades’ most successful companies are born here. Relying on past achievements is not an option. Around the globe huge efforts are made to grasp to possibilities in the data driven economy, in which most of future growth is expected to be seen. Telia Company wants the region to maintain its front-runner position in connectivity, and one is for us to provide early 5G, a technic that will enable many new business models and companies to growth here.

However, there is no reason to wait for 5G to come. Already today, we see never-ending possibilities within todays technologies; cloud computing, mobility, Internet of Things, security and data analytics. Altogether, it enables a whole range of new digital and connected services and products. This will accelerate the change to new and more mobile ways of working as well as interfaces to customers, citizens and suppliers.

Digital business models will be increasingly dependent on secure and reliable connectivity. Telia Company invite other enterprises to move their crucial business systems into our networks. These cloud services conveys faster, cheaper and more secure ways to meet customers and to develop the business.

From Egosystem to Ecosystem

As the currant structures are changing and new ways of working are explored, the adaptation to a complex digital world order can feel difficult to manage on your own. To grasp digital possibilities can sometimes require abandoning the traditional value chain, and replace them with value network partnering up with customers and suppliers. Telia Company are not an exception. To stay relevant and competitive also in the future we need to change as well. We welcome all business who wants to develop new successful services together with us.

The golden 3

  • Create the best possible breeding ground for the data driven economy without putting integrity and security at risk. Nordic and Baltic businesses must not be restricted by legislation giving them a competitive disadvantage towards companies in other regions. Give public access to public data without compromising with integrity or security.
  • Public sector must open up to partnerships with private companies. In cooperation, new smart public services and successful businesses will be developed in our region.
  •  Create the best financial and regulatory environment for fast and smooth digital infrastructure buildout. It is the precondition for jobs and business in remote areas, and also a prerequisite for future competiveness