Gigabit Society

Remaining Front Runners in the Digital Race

The Nordics and Baltics is the world’s most digitalized region. We are the cradle of digitalization and the world’s digital sandbox. Being front-runners has been the foundation for building strong and prosperous communities and we not only need to keep that momentum but we need to go further.

The Gigabit Society with Terabit Territories is digitalization taken to next level. As a new generation telco, we will help our communities to be smart and more efficient; enabling businesses to be global leaders and local champions and we will be the hub for our customer’s lives.

It all starts with connectivity. We aspire to ubiquitous coverage of at least one Gigabit per second across our footprint. As we move towards the smart society with driverless cars, mobile health and wellness and mass IoT, our customers will increasingly require their devices and services to not only work at home and at the office, but also where they move. Moving towards Terabit speeds in the future will make our society the world’s digital sandbox and fertile ground for the next generation successful services and companies, supporting new jobs and better lives in a more sustainable way.

Around the world, the innovation race is moving faster than ever; changing old behaviours and making the impossible possible overnight. As old business models are challenged by new digital innovations, you need to be amongst the first movers to stay competitive. At Telia Company we believe investing in and supporting state of the art connectivity and digital services is a precondition for globally competitive innovation.  We cannot achieve this alone, we want partners, both private and public partners to join us in this aspiration.

  Here you will find our view on the Gigabit society, and what it takes to get there.






Better faster stronger

The Gigabit society will be built on state of the art connectivity. In our part of the world, we aim to make life better for the many, not only for the few; we need smart infrastructure, not only in the cities but also in villages and municipalities, that means all stakeholders should support full coverage and gigabit connectivity everywhere.

Smart Communities

In a smart city or smart municipality, interlinked sociatal services will make life easier in a more cost efficient way. This big shift in how we organize life can only be done if public sector is working in partnership with companies and citizens.

Smart People

To develop, or even live in, the right competences for a new era. We need to invest in higher education meeting the rising demand, but also ensure that noone is left behind.

Smart business

Digitalizing our businesses is the key to unlocking future economic growth, prosperity and wellness for the companies as well as the rest of our communities

Smart Health Care

New e-health solutions are now developed rapidly all over the field, having the potential of improving patient care and letting people get access to better, cheaper, safer and more personalized treatments.

Telia Talks

We want to keep the Nordic and Baltic region at the cutting edge of digitalization. Together with the most interesting voices we discuss the great possibilities digitalization brings and how stay ahead.