Corporate governance

Sound principles for corporate governance are an important prerequisite for building trust between Telia Company and its stakeholders and securing shareholder value.

Owners, investors, customers, employees and other key parties should always be confident that Telia Company's business activities are characterized by reliability, control, transparency and high ethical standards.

The main governing bodies of Telia Company are:

  • The Shareholders' Meeting

  • The Board of Directors

  • The CEO, assisted by Group Executive Management

Swedish Code of Corporate governance

As of July 1, 2005, Telia Company will follow the Swedish Code of Corporate governance. This entails, among other things, the publication of a separate report on corporate governance in connection with Telia Company's Annual Report.

Telia Company follows in the opinion of the Board of Directors the Swedish Code of Corporate governance without deviations.

Swedish Code of Corporate governance

Corporate Governance Statement

The Corporate Governance Statement is part of the Annual report and can be found here.