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A breath of fresh air

Oslo is lovely – but it's not perfect. Like any big city, it is affected by air pollution – especially in winter. So we built a solution that monitors air quality throughout the city. This lets walkers, runners and cyclists see air conditions in real time via an app. They can then choose the freshest route to where they're going.

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An ecosystem on wheels

A connected car is more than just a peaceful wifi haven for long journeys. It's an ecosystem. A connected car can tell you when you need a service. It can tell your insurance company you're a safe driver. And it can tell you how to drive in a more environmentally friendly way. It makes a lot of sense. 

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Smart public transport

Keeping our cities moving means making public transport a smart choice. 

Put a bunch of smart people in a room, give them a lot of coffee and some smart technology, and see what happens. That was the recipe at Telia IoT101 hackathon recently.

The event was held at the Vilnius Tech Park and attracted people from Belarus to India.We wanted to see what some bright minds could do in 48 hours and one of the tools we gave them to work with was our IoT101 device. We recently upgraded the backend of IoT101 to enable people to do a lot more with the location, movement and temperature data these devices generate. And some of the ideas used this data in a very interesting way.

The winning idea, by Karolis Dargis and Aleksandras Cicasovas from Spot4You , was a  virtual office assistant that simplifies office management processes by enabling users to book meeting rooms and ensure a comfortable working environment using Telia IoT101. It’s an idea that could provide value not only to large companies, but also cafes, restaurants.

Other ideas included an air pollution measurement system and a platform for next generation insurance.

“This hackathon has proved that life-changing business ideas are developed and created by young and creative minds, who have the courage and self-confidence. These are the new-generation ideas, which are worth developing and investing in,” says Kestutis Sliuzas, CEO, Telia Lietuva