Telia Sense gives new life to your car connecting it to internet and opening up for a whole new set of smart services. Sense enables your kids or passengers to more easily enjoy their favourite entertainment over the in-car wifi-hotspot. Sense also reduces the administrative work for you around the drivers’ journal by automating it and keeping track of every meter you drive and every road toll you pass. Sense gives you access to this and much, much more through an app in your smartphone. The best part: your car doesn’t even have to be new.

Easy to use and plenty to gain

Telia Sense makes it more fun and more convenient to drive and operate a car. It can be used in most cars manufactured since 2001* and it provides access to cutting edge features normally reserved for new luxury vehicles: A WiFi-hotspot with 4G-speed for movies, music and games, as well as positioning systems for geofencing and for optimizing your driving. An abundance of services are offered through Telia Sense, from us or our partner network. Telia Sense includes a hardware device that you install in the car’s OBD-port and an app for your smartphone – for easy access and control over all online services.

Services from our partners

Our partners provide you with useful services for everything from usage-based insurance to roadside assistance and maintenance. These services responds to the status of your car and saves you money while making driving more convenient. New services are constantly being added by our partners

A new level of car control

Telia Sense connects to your car’s onboard computer, giving you access to important data. You can geofence the car, keep an online drivers journal or analyze driving patterns. And it is all available at a glance via the app.

The WiFi-hotspot

Telia Sense lets you bring a WiFi-hotspot wherever you go. The hight-speed 4G connection connects the whole family – up to 5 devices – and enables the kids to stream movies, music and games during those dreaded long drives.

* Please note that Telia Sense only supports petrol cars from 2001, diesel cars from 2004, ethanol/gasoline-powered FlexiFuel cars from 2001 onwards, most electric- and gas hybrids and light trucks from 2007 onwards (classified as N1). Electric cars fuel cell vehicles, natural gas vehicles and gas/petrol powered-bifuel cars are not supported. 

The OBD- placement tool currently does not support cars newer than 9 months old.