Telia Sense User Guide

Telia Sense Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get started with the Telia Sense service?

All you need is to order the Telia Sense hardware online at your local Telia website, download the Telia Sense app from App store or Google play and activate your Telia Sense account in the app.

With Telia Sense your car ownership will be easier and more convenient since you can track and receive information, notifications and warnings from your car directly to your mobile phone. The information is sent to you via the Telia mobile network, no matter if you are close to your car or miles away.

All functions except wifi are used before and after you drive your car, i.e. you do not actively look at your mobile phone while driving your car. The car wifi is available for your passengers while driving so they can surf, play games and stream music and movies.

1.1 Can several persons use the Telia Sense service at the same time?

You can download and use the Telia Sense app on multiple phones at the same time, as long as you log in with the same user name and password.

It is not possible to register several users on the same Telia Sense account. Wifi can be used by multiple devices at the same time.

1.2 Can multiple cars be connected to the same account?

No, only one car at a time can be connected to your Telia Sense account.

1.3 Can I use the same hardware in different cars?

No, the service is connected to the car that is registered for the Telia Sense service. If you would like to move the hardware to another car, we recommend that you terminate your account and re-register for the new car.

If you choose to move the hardware to a new car without re-registering it for the service, there is a risk that all or parts of the service does not work.

1.4 In what countries does Telia Sense work?

Telia Sense notifications and warnings works in Swedish-registered cars used within Europe but please note that your wifi only is available in Telia's network in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Parking notifications can only be used in Stockholm City at the moment.

1.5 How good is the coverage?

Telia Sense uses Telia's mobile network and your coverage is dependent on the mobile network coverage at your current location. The signal strength is displayed in the app under "Wifi".

2. How does the Telia Sense wifi work?

To connect your mobile devices to the car's wifi, please look for the network name and password in the available networks list in the app under the "Wifi" section.

Wifi is only available when the car is running and you can connect up to 5 devices at the same time. The speed depends on the mobile network coverage and the number of connected devices.

2.1 What happens if I run out of data?

Your amount of data is renewed on a monthly basis. If you run out of data before the end of the month, you can do a top-up and buy more data. Please note that all Telia Sense functions except wifi can be used even if you run out of data.

3. How does drivers’ journal work?

In the drivers’ journal, you will see all trips made by your car during the time the car has been connected to Telia Sense. You see the time of the trip and the trip distance. You can easily mark your business trips by clicking the briefcase icon. You can also export your trips to Excel and send to your email address.

With the drivers journal you simplify your business trip reporting to Skatteverket (the Swedish Tax Agency) when it is time for your tax declaration.

4. How does notifications work?

You can select the notifications you want to see in your mobile phone under "Notifications."

4.1 How does geo-fencing and position alarm work?

A position alarm is sent as a notification to your mobile phone if the car is moved from the location where it is parked. You activate geo-fencing and position alarm yourself when needed.

4.2 How does the tampering alarm work?

A tampering alarm is sent as a notification to your mobile phone if anyone does damage to your car, for example run into your car when the car is parked.

4.3 How does the parking prohibition notifications work?

Notifications about parking prohibitions will be sent to your phone if your car seems to be parked where parking is prohibited or there is a parking ban due to street cleaning. Parking notifications can only be used in Stockholm City at the moment.

4.4 How does the low battery notification work?

Notification of low battery voltage is sent to your phone if the car battery voltage falls under a threshold and you risk not being able to start the car.

5. Who gets access to the data collected from my car?

It is you, our customer, who owns the data and you decide who should have access to your data. No data is collected or shared without your consent.

6. Will Telia's partners have access to the collected data?

No data is collected or shared without your consent. You decide which partner(s) you would like to share your data with. Choose the partner services you want to use in the app, after that the data will be gathered and shared with that specific partner.

7. What does the hardware led indicators mean?

Telia Sense

7.1 LED1 – Power indicator:

Off - Sleep mode (Wifi off)

Green solid - Power on, powered by vehicle battery

Green blinking - Factory reset

7.2 LED2 - Network Indicator:

Off - No network service available

Green solid - Connected to mobile network and wifi network is available

Green blinking - Connected to network and data is transferred

Red blinking - FOTA (Firmware Over-The-Air) updating

Red solid - Device on but not working properly (no network, SIM problem, limited service)


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