This is Telia Sense

Your car - redefined.

  • Telia Sense in Action

    The easy-to-use mobile app puts everything you need to know right at your fingertips. However you use your car, ownership will become smoother, easier and more convenient.

  • Relevant Services

    Our partner network brings you services in tune with your needs - and those of your car. From car service and insurance to roadside assistance, car inspection and much more. Telia Sense brings a new level of convenience.

  • Events

    The events screen gives you a clear overview of important status information, notifications and updates. One glance brings you up to date on what's happening in your car's life.

  • The hub for your services

    Stay in touch with your services via the Telia Sense app. Follow relevant driving patterns and trends and get the most out of your responsive services. It's all right there in your mobile.

  • WI-FI hotspot

    Now you can always have a fast and reliable internet connection when you're on the road. Multiple devices? No problem! The whole family can get online without the hassle of connection sharing.

  • Positioning

    Now you will always know where your car is. Check location and get an alarm for unexpected movement. 

  • Drivers journal

    In the drivers' journal, you can easily keep track and log your trips. Mark your business trips by clicking the briefcase icon and export your trips to Excel.

Telia Sense is now available to purchase in Sweden.

Imagine adding high-end capabilities to your car without changing anything. Telia Sense takes the hassle out of car ownership and opens up a world of new possibilities.
Wifi hotspot


Whenever you’re in the car, you can depend on a fast and stable internet connection for all of the family’s devices.

Your high-speed 4G Wi-Fi network is on shortly after you turn the key, transforming your car into the perfect office space or entertainment center. The dedicated hotspot provides a fast and stable internet connection – no connection sharing required. Stream movies and music or play games on long journeys. Or get work done without restrictions when you’re away from your desk.



Know exactly where your car is, and how it’s doing. You’ll never be caught out by a flat battery or low fuel level.

Telia Sense connects to your car’s onboard computer, giving you access to important data and enabling you to control certain functions remotely. The app lets you know at a glance whether the car needs attention or refueling. The built-in GPS shows where the car is at all times, and you can be alerted if is moved when it should be stationary. You can also track journeys and look at driving patterns to improve fuel economy or driving safety.



There’s more to car ownership than just driving. Telia Sense connects you to services that make it easier and more rewarding.

Telia Sense adds a completely new dimension to car ownership – and it goes way beyond the vehicle itself. It enables a multitude of useful services that save you money and make driving much more convenient. Services that respond to your vehicle usage and your car’s status. From car service, insurance to roadside assistance, Telia Sense ensures you have exactly what you need just when you need it.