Things just got real. NB-IoT delivers the economies of scale that the Internet of Things has been lacking. Low-data and low-power mean lower sensor and connectivity costs. But NB-IoT is a lot more as well.

The NB-IoT standard removes some of the functionality that many IoT applications simply don’t need. They send less data less often. This means NB-IoT sensors are cheaper to manufacture and connect. But this simplification also has other benefits. Sending less data consumes less power, so NB-IoT sensors have a battery life of up to 10 years. They also have greater range, meaning they can be used underground and in locations where traditional IoT technologies are unable to penetrate.

Telia is the first to launch NB-IoT in the Nordics, meaning the Internet of Things can soon launch on a massive scale. Or as we put it, "Things just got real".

NB-IoT in a nutshell



10-year battery life means nothing if your technology only lasts five. Choose a standard that can evolve with you. 

Telcos around the world are investing in NB-IoT as the LPWA technology they will support into the future. With isolated proprietary standards, your destiny is in someone else’s hands. There are cost implications too. Telco standards drive scale and scale drives device costs down. It’s already happening. What looks cheap today may not look that way for long.


Massive is the end game, but we’re just getting started. Licensed spectrum gives you space to grow into. As devices and data scale up, so will interference. And if you’re stranded in unlicensed spectrum, with unmanageable connectivity, you could get lost in the noise. NB-IoT has dedicated spectrum so it can't be crowded out. This gives you full connectivity management for the quality you're going to need. 


Commitment issues are healthy in IoT. So are open standards.
You need to make a move so you don’t get left behind. But that doesn’t mean you have to lock yourself in. NB-IoT is a 3GPP standards that enable interoperability between operators and devices globally. This means you can adapt your connectivity – and who provides it – as your needs evolve.

Let’s be clear here; a big part of the reason we support open standards is because we have the best digital infrastructure in the Nordics and Baltics. And as IoT scales up, the underlying infrastructure will become increasingly important.



Telia is rolling out commercial NB-IoT offering over the course of 2018. We are already working with a broad range of customers and local authorities to explore the possibilities NB-IoT can offer them. Interested in being ahead of the game? Talk to us


Telia IoT: NB-IoT customer pilots currently underway 

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