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They say you can judge a person by the company they keep...

A network of possibilities

The Expert Network unites specialists and operators in a mutually beneficial partnership that helps us all to meet our customers needs. Together we develop and deliver everything from IT-consulting to software development and security – as well as cutting edge IoT solutions. By communicating, sharing knowledge and collaborating in key projects, we can attain synergies that enables us to create new solutions that might not have been possible otherwise. The ultimate goal for our collaborative efforts are new products, new business models and new technologies that benefit our customers and society as a whole.

Different roles in the IoT Expert Network works

Telia Company has the role of the enabler – we bring the connectivity that makes all applications, solutions and products possible. There are four different categories of roles that our partners can assume in the network:

1. As a Telia Company solution Partner, providing and delivering parts within a complete solution that Telia Company offers its customers.

2. As a Business Partner, where you cooperate side by side with Telia Company in order to meet the customers needs and to collaborate in delivering solutions.

3. As a Reselling Partner, selling Telia Company branded and packaged IoT solutions and services.

4. As an innovation Partner, looking into new innovations and future business opportunities in collaboration with Telia Company.

As a partner you could of course fit into more than one of these categories.

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