IoT Symposium 2014

The M2M/IoT revolution isn’t coming. It’s already here

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Did you know that more than 31.000* new devices became connected in the Nordic countries yesterday? Machines are talking to each other, and the number of connections is growing with every minute. For example, Anticimex, Swedens leading pest control and hygiene company, is now using TeliaSonera M2M solutions to monitor mouse traps and thereby lower the use of pesticides.



08:15 - 09:00

Registration, coffee and exhibition

09:00 - 09:45

Welcome and introduction by TeliaSonera


Hélène Barnekow, Senior Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, TeliaSonera  

09:45 - 10:10

The Networked Society – Transforming industries and creating opportunities


Charlotta Sund, President, Ericsson Northern Europe and Central Asia.  

10:15 - 10:45

The Internet of YOUR things 


Jonas Persson, CEO Microsoft Sweden 

“The Internet of YOUR things” Its big, its noisy and its potentially confusing. 

It doesn’t have to be. Let’s explore Internet of Things in reality.  

10:45 - 11:15


11:00 - 11:45

Transforming Business: Edge to Enterprise


Henrik Ståhl, VP of Product Management for Java and Internet of Things for Oracle. 

The Internet of Things poses a huge opportunity to fundamentally change your business, but in order to do so you must adopt a new way of managing a variety of complex and fast data in order to help achieve business differentiation. It requires a robust and scalable infrastructure that is always on and can handle massive amounts of data transforming it for immediate business value.  

11:45 - 13:00

Lunch and exhibition

13:00 - 13:30

External guest presentation

The human at the heart of M2M

Java in M2M and IoT - new technology and real world use cases


Business and Companies

Society and People

Technology and Implementation


Mary Jo Foley, American freelance technology writer, author, podcaster and news editor. 

Matt Hatton, Director, Machina Research M2M is not just about connecting machines to each other. Humans must be an integral part of the process, from development through to execution. The presentation will provide some key examples of where M2M has improved human experience including healthcare and smart cities. It will also examine some challenging areas, such as data protection and security.

Dr Rainer Eschrich, Sales Consultant M2M Lead Europe, Oracle. Oracle Java 8 is a nightly optimized platform for smart embedded development and the Internet of Things. The Java 8 platform simplifies the development of connected M2M and IoT applications. Since its release in April Java 8 has seen tremendous success with developers, device manufacturers and system integrators. The presentation will give a short introduction of Java 8 in the context of smart devices and smart gateways and elaborate on real life deployments of the industrial embedded, M2M and IoT world.

13:30 - 14:00

Cases and business outcome of Cloud based IoT investments

New technology in Smarter City solutions contributes to economical welfare

Java 8 - Smarter Technology for Smarter M2M/IoT End-to-End solutions


Business and Companies

Society and People

Technology and Implementation


Richard Lind, CTO, Internet of Things at Microsoft Sweden

Gunnar Johansson, Transport Industry Leader, IBM Public Sector, Nordic Gunnar will talk about how new technology affects society, business models and were new business opportunities are created. IBM has been present for more than a hundred years, spanned over several technology generations. Corresponding technological shifts have occurred many times before and decision makers are often not prepared for sudden changes. If you don’t take part now, you might not be part of future opportunities.

Hans Kamutzki, co-founder and managing director of MicroDoc Computersysteme in Germany. Oracles release of Java 8 has brought many innovations into the M2M and IoT World. Finally a standard platform that covers the complete End to End from the device, via gateways to the backend is available. MicroDoc has implemented Java based telematic architecture components for a customer which make use of these possibilities. The architecture consists of Java Embedded frontend and an Java EE backend. The Java-based stack with service provider interfaces enables the deployment of the same codebase on OSGi-based embedded clients and on load-balanced enterprise servers. The communication is done using the lightweight M2M protocol MQTT.

14:00 - 14:30

Using Microsoft Azure for healthcare IoT scenario for asthma and device management

DART – an IT-based training tool for emergency driving


Business and Companies

Society and People


Anders Murman, Chief Technical Officer, Aerocrine

Pontus Albertsson, Operations manager at the Norrbotten County Council DART - an IT-based training tool for emergency driving. In a project at AKMC, a new tool called DART has developed together with the FältCom AB. DART is an IT-based tool for training in emergency driving which allows for analysis of driving behaviour. A number of sensors in the emergency vehicle is measured, the journey is filmed and can then be played back later and analysed by the operator and supervisor. 

14:30 - 15:00

Break, coffee and mingle

15:00 - 15:15

Extend your network with satcom and make M2M work everywhere

Legato™ open source embedded platform for M2M built on Linux

Driving unconventional growth through the Industrial Internet


Business and Companies

Society and People

Technology and Implementation


Folef Hooft Graafland, Managing Director, Galaxy 1 Communications. Satellite communication expands the range where M2M can be used and offers almost limitless communication to and from sensors of all kind. Satcom can make your product portfolio complete and most secure.

Hans Andersson, Sales Manager, M2M & Wireless and Kristoffer Martinsson, Applications Engineer Sierra Wireless Legato™ platform simplifies development of connected M2M applications. With a tightly integrated application framework, fully-tested Linux distribution, and feature-rich development environment, Legato gives embedded M2M development a head start.

Arto Makkonen, Director Mobility and IoT, Accenture Digital. Industrial Internet of Things represents a tremendous opportunity for innovative companies looking to unlock new revenue sources by packaging their products with new digital services.

15:20 - 15:35

Multicom Control, the way to your machine regardless of distance

The Internet of Things: Are Organizations Ready For A Multi-Trillion Dollar Prize

Transformation of Enterprises to Smart through IoT


Business and Companies

Society and People

Technology and Implementation


Johnny Olsen, Multicom Security A managed service to set up a connection to your machines regardless of distance. It is designed for connectivity and alarm handling for mission-critical communications. The importance of alarm messages has its absolute peak the moment it is being sent out. Multicom Control makes sure your alarms reach the right resource straight away!

Karl Bjurström, Head of Digital Strategy and Transformation, Capgemini Consulting Swefi Capgemini Consulting conducted an extensive research of IoT products and services of over 100 leading companies across North America and Europe. We see that many companies struggle to unleash the potential value from IoT services, and are not prepared with the key capabilities to succeed. IoT leads to a separation of physical/HW products, and services on-top enabled by IoT. Barriers to entry gets lowered and news agile entrants will try to capture the new value. If traditional companies don’t transform, they will end up in a commodity position and loose the customer ownership and intimacy.

Johan Falk, Head of Intel IoT Ignition Centre Stockholm, Intel Corporation IoT/ICT will be essential in transforming cities and business towards increased efficiency, customer and people value and achieving key sustainability objectives. This will be enabled by a horizontal, secure IT approach breaking the silos. Success will be achieved by agile and close collaboration between end-users, solution providers and technology providers. Intel and partners will provide a showcase.

15:40 - 15:55

M2M Critical Application connectivity

Why is Internet of Things important for the Nordic Industry?

M2M Services for efficient business solutions


Business and Companies

Society and People

Technology and Implementation


Bjorn Klebe Sales Director Nordic & Baltic region and Michael Burke Manager Pre Sales Engineering, Virtual Access Ltd. The demanding requirements of utility, transport and military applications mean that commercial grade routers are not sufficiently resilient, while specialized devices often lack the management and flexibility to cost effectively provide a scalable service. Virtual Access’ Critical Application routers meet the resilience requirements with features to provide a cost effective high quality scalable service.

Björn Andersson, Buisness development Manager, Prevas AB. A view of the Industrial Evolution and how Internet of Things will be a critical competition factor for many types of industries. Reference projects from Siemens, Findus and others is presented together with how of new business models have been created. Internet of Things is a challenge for many companies but also a great opportunity.

Marie Sandå, Director Product Management M2M at TeliaSonera Global M2M Services. To build M2M business solutions demand secure and reliable connectivity and functionality to control the entire integrated system solution.

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Break (come back to the main scene)

16:10 - 16:50

Chris Dancy, an ambassador of the future


The worlds most connected man  

16:50 - 19:00

Exhibition and mingle