IoT symposium 2017

IoT Living Connections

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IoT has gone from novelty to reality. It’s already changing business models and creating new ones – and many companies are scrambling to keep up. At the IoT Symposium 2017, we focused on the impact of IoT on your business. How to smoothly blend innovation and organisation. How to go beyond devices and harness the possibilities emerging from IoT ecosystems from connected homes to connected cities. We brought together over 400 IoT thought leaders, marketers, vendors and customers. Sharing innovation to spark your imagination. Making new connections to unlock new possibilities.

Turning IoT into business
Technology is not the problem – you are. Well, your organisation to be more precise. Initiating rapid change and implementing new processes are the biggest roadblocks companies face in embracing IoT transformations. We deep dive into the problem and explore some solutions.

Innovation and Ecosystem
The development and innovations of IoT are based on an ecosystem where everyone and everything is part. Understand how it’s all connected and see how you can boost your innovation capabilities together with others.

Connected City
IoT is transforming our cities and the way we live. See how the initiatives taken today will impact your business in the future. 




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