Hear from leading thinkers in IoT from the Nordics, Baltics and beyond


Anna Bellman Moderator 
Anna is no ordinary moderator. She used to be the marketing and communication director for Capgemini Sweden for a start. She has also founded a communication agency and worked with technology and finance companies large and small. Anna's insights provide a point of difference as a moderator. She is able to weave diverse themes into a coherent narrative while encouraging engagement from the audience.


Aaron Dignan Keynote speaker

Aaron has spent the past 10 years helping Fortune 500 companies to move away from command-and-control bureaucracy towards new forms of self-organization, dynamic teaming, and empowerment. Outdated organisational structures represent one of the greatest challenges any company faces today in implementing a digital transformation. Aaron shares real world advice and examples of how to overcome these challenges. 



Leslie Shannon Head of Ecosystem and Trend Scouting at Nokia Corporate Strategy

Leslie leads a Silicon Valley based team that identifies and analyses disruptive trends affecting the telco industry. She is a highly-regarded analyst and speaker and has spoken broadly about how to bring new paradigms from Silicon Valley to the telecommunications mindset. She was also an undefeated five-time champion in the American television game show “Jeopardy” in 1992. 


Stephen Brown CTO Capgemini Norway and Sweden

Stephen is an innovative thinker with a patent to his name and 30 years experience in IT. He specialises in transforming businesses with IT innovation. His work has followed the full scope from designing the product and service lines to developing go-to-market strategies and then executing on them.


Ola Lilja Senior director, Sales at Sigma Connectivity AB

Ola has extensive experience in consumer electronics, chipsets and platforms as well as cloud-based solutions. Prior to joining Sigma Connectivity, he has worked for Ericsson, ST-Ericsson, Appium and Anoto, both in Sweden and USA.


Bas Boorsma Cisco’s Internet of Everything leader in North Europe

Bas oversees business development activities relevant to the arena of the Internet of Everything & the Internet of Things across verticals, with an emphasis on cities. In his eight and half years at Cisco, Bas has earned a rich background as a leader in the arena of the Internet of Everything and as a ´smart city´ specialist in particular. Bas is the author of the book, NEW DIGITAL DEAL - Beyond Smart Cities.


Tomi Ruotimo CEO and Founder of Houston Inc.

Tomi is an innovative idealist, disruptive thinker, but also known as "enfant terrible of business". He has over 30 years experience in IT. He has founded Houston Inc. which, alongside with a sibling organisation called Houston Analytics are one of the leading IoT software consultancy organisations in Scandinavia. Tomi is an enthusiastic speaker and an executor of big ideas. Passion and curiosity alongside with a great substance knowledge has given Houston Family European top clients from businesses such as heavy industry, media, telco, finance, aviation and maritime industry. Tomi has real stories: failures and success stories which he tells with a great passion.

Jonas Hagner ICT Director, Operations, Finnish Post

Jonas is helping to transform one of Finland’s furthest reaching organisations. As the ICT Director, Operations of Finnish Post, Jonas is working with the digital transformation journey for all logistics services within the company. His background includes 25 years working with large-scale IT organisations in a variety of fields. In recent years, his focus has been on transforming and modernizing IT organizations to embrace IoT, analytics, machine learning and agile, user centric & business driven IT.


Petter Takolander Principal Strategist, Enterprise Commercial at Microsoft AB

A learn it all attitude and customer obsession has put Petter in the place he is in today. Over some 25 years he’s worked close to customers helping them transform. Initially this from a technology perspective but later with the value that technology can bring to organizations. At Microsoft Petter has been driving Transformation in Manufacturing, Telco and Retail. The past 4 years he’s worked in several IoT cases creating efficiencies, generating new revenue streams and developing new business models for customers such as Volvo Cars, Sandvik and Stena.


Brendan Ives Managing Director of Division X, Telia Company

Brendan Ives is the Managing Director of Division X: the emerging businesses arm of Telia Company. In this role Brendan is tasked with spearheading and accelerating Telia Company’s efforts in areas such as IoT, eHealth and Analytics. He is also responsible for Telia Company’s investment portfolio which includes companies such as eBuilder, Spotify and Springworks. Originally from New Zealand, Brendan’s natural curiosity has taken him around the world and to the top of his game. Prior to his appointment in July 2016, Brendan spent three years as CEO of Telia Carrier, the culmination of 14 years turning a Nordic carrier into one of the world’s largest fiber backbones.


Johan Ander Business Development Director – Smart Homes, Smart Cities, IoT - Fortum

Johan Ander has been driving digitalized change in large organizations for over 20 years. At Fortum he has initiated and led several of the companies most successful IoT initiatives – launching market leading solutions in the Electric Vehicle and Smart Home area. He has also been CEO for Fortum’s IoT company Tingcore, that is now a fully integrated part of Fortum’s IT-strategy. Before Fortum Johan worked at the bank SEB. As a business development director, he was part of launching the first version of internet banking in the years around 2000.


Ola Ahlvarsson Serial entrepreneur. Change Maker. Creator. Founder of Sime

Ola Ahlvarsson is a Swedish entrepreneur and athlete based out of Stockholm. Ola has since the mid 90’s been at the cutting edge of digital entrepreneurship as an entrepreneur, investor, thought leader and advisor. He has a deep understanding of how businesses can embrace digital opportunities and technology earning him several international awards and recognitions, such as Wired Magazines top technology thinkers 2015 and Young Global Leader at World Economic Forum.


Jan Abrahamsson Head of IoT Strategy and Strategic Customer Engagements at Ericsson Group

Jan Abrahamsson is an international digitalization strategist with 20 years of experience in developing and implementing strategies across industries. He is leading the strategic customer engagements within Ericsson Group, currently advising leadership teams in leading companies across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific on the topics of digitalization and its implications on business strategy and operations. He is specializing in IoT and 5G business strategies as well as enabling strategic collaboration between companies in eco-systems.