M2M – machines communicating with machines

Optimizing and automatizing by connecting machines to machines

M2M is when two or more devices or machines are connected to each other with a specific purpose in mind. The acronym is short for Machine-to-Machine communication and it is the technology that enables wired or wireless communication between connected machines.

The applications for M2M include, for example, heating and ventilation in buildings, level meters in dams or pumping stations and many other kinds of monitoring. Basically, M2M is beneficial when you wish machines to remote monitor or control other machines, in order to avoid accidents and any kind of deviation. Society is full of these kinds of devices, often in places that are removed from the people doing the controling, which makes remote control desirable in order to avoid travels. It is also an efficient way of controling for example circulation pumps, who are often spread out through buildings.

At Telia Company, we have been working with M2M for a long time and have developed a number of solutions that generate great benefits for businesses and society. The number of devices we connect via M2M is already vast and growing at an accelerated rate.