Security & the Internet of Things

Safety is always of paramount importance – in the way you use your connected devices and in the way your connected devices improve life. Here are some thoughts on the matter.

How IoT is kept safe

When it comes to our way of working with connectivity platforms, as well as products and services, security is an absolute priority. Services delivered by us or services depending on our connections are made to be absolutely secure, both in regards to reliability and safety from attacks or viruses. Every product is thoroughly evaluated and all safety concerns are backlit before implementation.

How IoT keeps you safe

The IoT enables us to connect alarm systems for all kinds of purposes anywhere, anytime. This has already proven to be of great benefit to home burglar alarms as well as patient alarms used in homecare, where the medical professionals may need to monitor a patients’ health from a distance. IoT is also used for car alarms and for proactive maintenance checks. The security applications of the future are almost endless. Imagine using a GPS-device with built-in cameras to keep track of your kids when they are out playing. It is safe to say that the future seems increasingly secure.