Connected busses & smarter ways of transporting people

The ability for a great number of people to get to work in a safe and timely way is a growing concern for many cities. IoT provides new ways to make it work!

IoT has created great new possibillities for public transportation and mass transit systems in modern cities. As procurements to a larger degree tend to focus on vehicle functionality rather than price and specifications, public buses are being increasingly connected. Connecting busses creates new possibilities to deliver existing services in a more efficient way and enables completely new services, for example counting passengers, infotainment, on-board WiFi, safety cameras and even on-demand busses. IoT enables the public transportation companies to supply their travelers with individual mobile-updates on the estimated time of arrival or information about when to leave home in order to catch the bus. This creates entirely new values for the travellers while at the same time enabling public transportation companies to work in a more efficient way. It is all made possible by IoT and the connectivity of our networks.

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