The cars are getting connected

When it comes to connected cars, reality is about to surpass (science) fiction, as more and more features makes cars smarter and smarter.

What if your car could tell you how it feels, and inform the autoshop simultaneously? What if it could serve as a super-mobile router? What if it could tell you about every meter it drove last month? And what if it could drive itself the month after that?

The existing benefits of connecting the car are numerous and they are bound to multiply in number and impact as connectivity and applications evolve. Most of the ”What if”:s above are already a reality and affects people in their everyday lives. You can get a usage-based insurance premium and your kids will be able to stream cartoons on long drives.

By cooperating with cutting edge car manufacturers like Tesla and Volvo, we have already pushed the boundrys of what a car is – and the next boundary is soon to be broken. By 2025, a collaboration between Volvo and Microsoft is expected to generate a driverless car and the new Tesla model is only a software upgrade away from being self-driving too.

Furthermore you don’t have to buy a brand new car to reap all of these benefits. By using Telia Sense, you can connect most cars built after 2001. To learn more click here. 

Connectivity is everything

Connectivity provides the foundation for the connected car. That is why we are part of the Global M2M Assoication.   

Telia Sense

Connect your car and give it a WiFi-hotspot, the means for usage based insuranse, positioning for geofencing, a digital and automatized drivers journal as well as automatic check ups. And you car doesn’t even have to be new!