A connected home is where the heart is

The visions of the smart, connected home are coming to life as connectivity and technology enables us to realize them.

Sometime during the nineties, the idea of a smart home was first formulated. It all began with the notion that it would be practical to be able to check the fridge from the computer at work to see whether or not there was any milk left. At the time it seemed like science fiction, but the homes of today are almost without exception connected via broadband, and smart appliances are becoming commonplace. The visions of two decades ago are now being realized as practical solutions and consumer products with increased relevance in our daily lives.

The IoT applications for the connected home that are presently emerging are solving issues around household economy, security and entertainment. For example, there are already solutions up and running for connecting electricity meters. They enable electrical companies to take read-offs without visiting the homes and they enable the residents to get more control over their energy consumption. When it comes to security, IoT has already revolutionized the way residential burglary alarms are used. Nowadays you can monitor, activate and deactivate your home security system via a smartphone from any location. And thanks to the connectivity we provide, these systems work with great reliability.

A Swedish media-personality recently described a home as ”a place where you know the WiFi-password”. To us at Telia Company, that is a natural way to describe the times we live in.