Connected offices & places of business

Optimizing the premises and the way they are used by connecting them, can have a great impact on any business and its profitability.

During the nineties in the infancy of the Internet, some of the first buildings to be connected where office buildings. At first, the connections consisted of broadband Internet accesses used to send e-mails and files. These days, IoT is a vital part of property management. By using applications to optimize usage of floor-space and energy consumption, businesses can cut large amounts from their office costs. By measuring the usage of different rooms, it is also possible to improve service planning and to conduct maintenance in a proactive manner.

By connecting buildings in general it is possible to control heating, circulation and electricity usage in a more rational way. Connecting fire- and burglar alarms will also help making the workplace safer and thus influence insurance premiums.

Over all, office buildings are still in the lead when it comes to connecting buildings. Just like when it all started back in the nineties.