GPS, localization and IoT

Locate your mobile assets in real-time and optimize their routes!

GPS tracking technology in itself has been available for both businesses and consumers for quite some time and has evolved into being a great tool for finding your way around. Today however, the GPS tracking devices has become connected things and entirely new areas of utility have come to light. For example, if a haulage contractor where to fit their trucks with connected GPS trackers, they could use a web interface to visualize the position of each truck on one single screen. In that way, the connected GPS trackers can direct a fleet of trucks and optimize the routes of each truck in order to haul as much cargo as possible per travelled mile.

By combining IoT with GPS technology, you can plan logistics based on perfect information and direct your assets in real-time. The gains of course includes increased efficiency, but also flexiblity as you can react faster to ever-changing conditions. But these are of course only two examples of the benefits made available. The possibilities are almost infinite!