Tracking inventory & goods

IoT is a new means to optimize logistics

One of the keys to efficient logistics is timing. So when shipping goods, it’s vital to know where all packages are located at any given time to be able to plan the whole delivery process without loosing time or money. For example, if a crate of autoparts is sent from a subcontractor, it is important for the car manufacturer to know when the parts will reach the assembly line in order to keep the process on schedule. By knowing exactly where the crate is at all times, a minimum of time and effort is wasted.

Another benefit of tracking via IoT is the ability to geofence certain equipment. For example, by fitting valuable equipment like excavators or compressors at a construction site with a tracking device, you can set an alarm to go off if the sensor is moved beyond a predefined area. The alarm can be active at all times and while the equipment is in use on the site – no alerts will go off.

Although these or similar functions have been available by using older technologies for some time now, IoT makes them more user-friendly, faster and in every way more efficient. Telias solution IoT 101, can be used by shipping companies of all sizes to track and monitor goods in transit. It gives you a set of hardware sensors, providing you with real-time data regarding positioning, movement and climate. To read more about it, click here.