Our operations

Telia Company is an important part of our customers’ everyday lives, both at home and at work. It is therefore vital to us to have a presence near our customers. We help people and companies to communicate in a simple, efficient and environmentally friendly way through telecommunications.

A local focus in each country is the most effective way of ensuring that we offer products, services and solutions that are adapted to people’s individual needs. This proximity to our customers makes it easier for us to identify what they want and require. It also provides us with a better understanding of the challenges faced in each market and country, regarding technical solutions and societal issues alike. This contributes to increase our competitiveness and reinforce our innovative position.

Telia Company's organization

Within Telia Company, each country organization is responsible for running the operations. The group-wide functions are responsible for driving developments within their own areas.

The countries and group functions work in close cooperation, providing advice and guidance to maintain high technical and commercial skills, ensure good management and regulatory compliance, as well as achieve a business that is sustainable long-term.