Telia Company position on use of data to help fight Covid-19

The current Covid-19 crisis gripping the world has underscored how important connectivity and digitalization is in our everyday life. It has also highlighted the importance of being able to use data for good without compromising privacy of all those who use the networks – everyone.

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Connected things 2018 - From tech revolution to business evolution

Twittering toothbrushes, connected refrigerators and digital dishwashers. A few years ago, the forecasts said billions and billions more things will be connected. But although a lot of stuff has certainly been connected, we are not quite where we thought then we would be by now. On the other hand, many companies and businesses have embraced IoT; according to a new report from Telia Company, four out of ten in the Nordics and Baltics have IoT on the agenda.

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White paper on cloud transformation and 5G towards full automation

Telia Company and VMware has published a technical white paper for the industry on the transformation journey towards full automation and a 5G ready cloud infrastructure.  

These days 5G and cloud transformation are definitely on the top agenda in most advanced telco service providers. They are connected and important enablers and catalysts for a deep transformational journey that is essential for renewal of the networks to remain competitive in the future market landscape and to stay relevant for our customers.

In the white paper the authors from Telia Company and VMware reflect on the technological aspects related to the evolution of the cloud infrastructure to become 5G ready and invite the readers to review and challenge some of underlying assumptions used by the telco industry to build and consume their infrastructure.

“This paper addresses the next level of the end-to-end architecture in terms of requirements we see emerging for the infra layer, especially for the upcoming new generation of services and 5G. This attitude to review and challenge traditional schemes and way of doing is certainly essential for our New Generation Telco journey and in fact any transformation journey”, says Mauro Costa, Director of Networks and Infra, Telia Company. 

The purpose of the paper is also to help drive a constructive dialogue between carriers, vendors and the various platform communities, ultimately facilitating an effective delivery of the expectations 5G is currently creating.   

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Telia Försäkring AB

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Connected things 2017 - Smart public transport

The share of Nordic inhabitants living in urban areas is growing by the day with increasing challenges for transportation systems. A new report by Telia Company and Arthur D. Little shows that there is a risk that e.g. Sweden might only reach half of its goal of doubling the share of public transportation by 2020. At the same time, there is a range of smart public transport solutions available to mitigate the problem.

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Connected Things - 2017 Edition

Internet of Things (IoT) is growing rapidly in the Nordics. According to a new report by Telia Company and Arthur D. Little we now have close to three connected things per person, a number which is expected to double by 2021. The report shows that the value of the Nordic IoT market is set to more than double from today’s MEUR 7,000 to MEUR 17,000 in 2021 while it will triple in the Baltics, from MEUR 740 to MEUR 2,200.

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Connected Things - 2016 Edition

The 2016 edition of the ‘Connecting things’ report by Arthur D Little, commissioned by Telia Company, lays out how connected things are transforming business, society and the way we live. It includes, among other things, a Nordic IoT market development forecast and a deep-dive into how connected cars are leading the way.

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