AV1 from No Isolation

Enhancing social inclusion for children with Long-Term-Conditions

No Isolation makes robots (AV1) for children and young people with Long-Term-Conditions, who due to their illness are cut off from normal everyday life activities.

The AV1 robot enables remote audio, visual and some kinetic interaction and is controlled via a mobile phone connected to a 4G mobile network.

To ensure that AV1 becomes available to as many as possible, Telia Norway has partnered with No Isolation and aims for a long-term collaboration. Telia Norway is directing funds from its mobile recycling program to No Isolation to fund production of AV1 units for families in need that cannot afford to buy one, while also investing several million NOK in media exposure for No Isolation. In addition, work is also on-going for setting up a specific 4G data plan for use with the AV1.

With AV1 children with LTCs can participate in everyday activities e.g. in school, without being physically present. In Norway there are about 6000 children suffering from LTCs that keep them from inclusion in everyday life activities.

The AV1 is great example of how connected things can support enhanced social inclusion for people physically restricted to a hospital or a home.

AV1 addresses targets in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals numbers 4 and 10.

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