M2M in a box

Greater control of physical assets and their resource consumption.

Machine to Machine (M2M) technology made easy and affordable for any business (or consumer), regardless of operations and size.

M2M in a Box gives you a set of hardware with sensors providing you with real time information about position, movement and climate (temperature and humidity), which you can monitor live in a web portal.

A versatile and user-friendly measurement tool to observe, monitor and protect your locale(s) and other assets remotely.

Real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity in warehouses, homes, transportation vehicles, factories, boats, etc. enables safeguarding of e.g. refrigerated deliveries and keeping buildings and stock healthy.

This enables more efficient use of energy and other resources – reducing waste – and contributing to more sustainable development.

The M2M in a Box solution address the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals numbers 11 and 12.

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