Project SmartEnCity

Develop the Tartu city center into a modern smart city.

This EU Horizon 2020 Smart Cities & Communities Lighthouse project, SmartEnCity, poses a great challenge—rebuilding an existing city district in Tartu (Estonia) with a Khrushchev-era planning into a smart and energy efficient area.

The plan is to renovate 900 Khrushchev-era apartments in 23 buildings for 8.2 million euros, and develop energy systems and an electric car network.

Telia role in this is to step beyond just connectivity but to facilitate data exchange between all the systems in apartments, building and city installations. Also to enable project main KPI-s (achieved energy savings) monitoring to EU.

Developing an existing city district into a Smart city will provide efficiency gains that reduce both natural resource consumption and reduce emissions and pollution.

The project will also address typical city challenges such as fresh water supplies, sewage, the living environment, and public health.

Project SmartEnCity address the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals numbers 11, 12 and 17.

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