Smart parking

Reducing avoidable emissions through optimized intelligent parking

Disabled people are having a hard time finding available parking spots when they need it. There are only a few spaces available that are wide enough, and they may as well be used by people who are not supposed to use them, making it even harder to find an available space.

This is Telia’s first parking solution with NB-IoT enabled parking sensors. It provides a working solution for disabled people with a smart phone.

A new Narrowband network for Internet of Things allows for a new range of sensors that solve many of these issues. These are sensors you can drill into the ground, and the network enables 10+ years of battery life, and 7x better coverage than 4G, which means the sensors can stay underground for a long time.

Telia partnered up with three very different companies to make this happen: APX Systems, who provides a parking app for end-users, the Norwegian Association of Disabled an advocacy organisation of people with disabilities and Huawei, providing the newest generation of NB-IoT enabled parking sensors.

Searching for parking consumes around one million barrels of oil a day globally. Smart parking solutions will significantly decrease unnecessary driving time, thus lowering traffic and the amount of daily vehicle emissions – ultimately reducing the global environmental footprint.

Smart Parking addresses targets in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals numbers 11, 12, 13 and 17.