Sonera Trip

Efficient and worry-free travel in cities and communities.

The Sonera Trip mobile application (Mobility-as-a-Service) allows combining taxi and train connections into a single chain of travel. You can purchase the service easy and affordable tickets for the entire trip in one go.

Give the car a day off and try how easy traveling can be. Find the route by entering the starting point and end point, the desired time of departure and number of passengers.

The service offers the best transport links and prices on train and taxi route. Tickets easily paid through a payment card, and they are stored in the service, so you can find them easily from your phone when your journey begins.

The MaaS application supports better utilization of people transportation assets in a city. This may reduce resource consumption and GHG-emissions while also reducing traffic congestion thus freeing up time for being more productive at work and home. It also means more space for people, businesses and housing in cities.

The Sonera Trip solution address the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals numbers 11 and 12.

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