Telia homecare

Better and more resource efficient care at home.

At the heart of Telia HomeCare is a device connected to various sensors that wirelessly communicates between the user’s home and a caregiver, entirely at the caretaker's conditions.

Through Telia HomeCare, the user has more control over what happens in their home and enhanced contact with their caregiver. For example, users get help with different types of services like blood tests or ECG measurement in their home.

The user may also monitor their health development and share information during illness. The system can also provide reminders when the user forgets things, such as taking their medicine.

Telia HomeCare and other Telehealth solutions allows resources in public and private healthcare systems to be used more efficiently.

Telehealth technologies allow the users to stay home longer which is positive from a wellbeing and cost perspective.

Telehealth solutions also reduce the need for physical travel, both for the caretaker and care provider, which is good for the environment.

The Telia HomeCare address the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals numbers 3 and 13.

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