Telia Sense

Making cars smarter, safer and cleaner with digital services.

Until recently, advanced connectivity was limited only to the latest high-end vehicles. Now Telia Sense brings the same new features to virtually any car manufactured after 2001.

Telia Sense is a device that connects to the car’s onboard computer and is developed with partners from the automotive and insurance industries. It enables a combination of car-control functionalities, such as remote car monitoring and diagnostics, 4G connectivity and Wi-Fi, usage based car insurance and even car sharing.

Connected vehicles and infrastructure will enable more sustainable transportation through e.g. smart route planning and parking, increased vehicle utilization.

Smart transportation can enable less traffic congestion, less accidents and lower greenhouse gas and other emissions to air, as well as less time spent in traffic and more time at work and at home.

The Telia Sense solution address the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals numbers 11 and 13.

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