Reinvent stories

Everything we do is reflected in our purpose: To reinvent better connected living. That’s how we make a difference for our customers in the big and in the small. That’s how we contribute to the lives and livelihoods where we are present. Our skilled people and partners, innovative technologies and powerful networks are there to make daily life smoother and richer for our customers and help societies and business become more efficient and sustainable.

Here are some of our stories

By the family, for the family

We wanted to know what everyday life is like for families and what they need to make life a bit smoother. They told us that daily challenges include communication, family planning, “screen time”, lost keys and to keep track of children coming and going. The families we met wanted a smoother everyday with less nagging and stress, and more safety. This is what we came up with.

Making public transport a better ride

This is how Nobina & Telia work together to develop and implement connected onboard services for drivers and passengers = A better commuting experience and smarter city while reducing costs.

What if your city understood you?

Telia Crowd Insights helps cities to improve the urban experience and city life for locals and visitors by revealing crowd movement patterns from anonymized network data. A smart city is a data city.

The self-driving 5G bus has arrived

Telia teamed up with Urban ICT Arena, Keolis, Telia, Ericsson and Intel to test how 5G and control towers can enable the safe introduction of self-driving, electric buses in urban areas

IoT for when the heat is on

40% of the energy consumed in cities is used in buildings. This is how Stockholm Exergi uses IoT to help to optimize heating & energy consumption in 9000 connected buildings. It’s all about doing more with less.

Power to the grid

For the power grid to make the most of green energy sources it needs to be digitalized. Heimdall Power is using Telia NB-IoT connectivity to make the most out of renewable energy.

More connection behind the wheel

Neste uses Telia Connected Vehicle platform to reduce fuel consumption and vehicle downtime while increasing sustainability, profitability and driver safety. A solution that’s good for everyone.

We have a liftoff, we have a liftoff!

Watch this video to see how Telia and Ericsson are using drones and video streaming to inspect hard-to-access places in a new and secure way.