purpose, ambitions and strategy

The digital society is a global movement. As the world changes, so must we. We need to stay relevant to our customers. Now we're on a mission to take Telia Company to the next level and create a New Generation Telco. This is our plan.

Our purpose

Why we exist. Everything we do should be a reflection of our purpose;

Bringing the world closer

Our ambitions

What we want to achieve. To deliver on our purpose, we have four ambitions as our targets. We have succeeded when...
•    We have the most loyal and satisfied customers in our markets.
•    We deliver strong total shareholder return which is on par with the top performers among relevant European peers.
•    We lead the way in responsible business among large corporations in the world.
•    We are THE place to work.

Our strategy

How we will reach our ambitions. We will...

Enhance our core and execute opportunities close to the core.

To enhance the core we will...

•    create value through superior network connectivity. We will secure the transition from voice to data through future proof network access to end customers.
•    increase customer loyalty through convergence, by creating a seamless customer experience across technologies, services and channels.
•    ensure competitive operations, by simplifying operations and transform legacy to create agility and cost efficiency.

To execute opportunities close to the core we will...

...invest in areas that complement and strengthen the core business. Internet of things,  M2M, music, security, financial services and media are such areas.