purpose, ambitions and strategy

The digital society is a global movement. As the world changes, so must we. We need to stay relevant to our customers. Now we're on a mission to take Telia Company to the next level and create a New Generation Telco. This is our plan.

Our purpose

Why we exist. Everything we do should be a reflection of our purpose;

Bringing the world closer

Our ambitions

What we want to achieve. To deliver on our purpose, we have four ambitions as our targets. We have succeeded when...

  • We have the most loyal and satisfied customers in our markets.
  • We deliver strong total shareholder return which is among the top relevant European peers.
  • We are industry leader in digital impact through United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.
  • We have the most engaged employees.

Our strategy

How we will reach our ambitions. We will...

Enhance our core and execute opportunities close to the core.

To do that we are:

Building on connectivity leadership - closer to what matters to our customers  based on speed, innovation and great people

We will do that by:

  • delivering the best network experience across platforms
  • being the hub to digital experiences in homes and offices
  • being the digitalization partner of choice
  • enabling partners with new business models
  • having analytics and insights driven go-to-market and customer interaction
  • rebuilding the factory through softwarization
  • taking cost leadership through scale and synergies