Our strategy, goals, purpose and values

We're on a mission to create a Better Telia and reinvent better connected living through our digital connectivity, our digital experiences, and our digital infrastructure.


Why we exist. Everything we do should reflect our purpose;
Reinventing better connected living

We’re uniquely placed to take on the role of helping ensure that people can rely on, and trust, connectivity in their lives. As a regional pioneer, we’ve been evolving and improving the way society functions for over two centuries. We’ve done so with a deep conscience.
- An ambition to lift the region and leave no one behind.
- A drive to help society realize a more sustainable future.

And moving forward, Telia will continue to lead from the front. Becoming an active orchestrator of connected living. At the heart of this is our purpose: “Reinventing better connected living”.

This means better connected customers empowered to live fuller lives, better connected businesses working smarter, better connected teams all working towards one goal, and a better connected society in which people and the planet prosper together.

Better connected living comes in many forms; in daily lives this can mean streaming, gaming, banking, working and studying. As well as our impact through digitalizing entertainment, healthcare, transportation, education and more.
Reinventing is how we will deliver better connected living. Innovating constantly; challenging ourselves to do better for ourselves, for our customers, for our shareholders and for the societies of our region.
At the core of our purpose is a relentless focus on our customers. To understand what ‘better connected’ truly means to people, and then ensuring we deliver on this in all our services and touchpoints.


We are building a Better Telia – our goal is to make Telia better for customers, better for our employees, better for our owners and better for the societies in the Nordics and the Baltics.

Led by our purpose to ‘Reinvent better connected living’ we aim to grow our business and deliver sustainable value creation to our shareholders through four key strategic pillars.

Firstly, we will inspire customers; building on the premium experiences we’re known for and offering unparalleled value beyond connectivity.

Secondly, we will connect everyone; continuing to grow our infrastructure through partnerships, smart investment and ensuring we never lose our connectivity leadership.

Thirdly, we will digitally transform ourselves; radically simplifying to evolve into a simpler, faster, more agile digital telco.

Finally, we are focused on delivering sustainably; for our employees in terms of digitally upskilling so they can consistently deliver, for our shareholders in terms of stable returns, and society in terms of preserving the planet for generations to come.


We exist to reinvent better connected living. Our values Dare, Care, Simplify guide us when we deliver on our purpose in our daily work.

We dare to
• innovate by sharing ideas, taking risk and continuously learn
• lead by engaging with our customers and challenging ourselves
• speak up by expressing opinions and concerns

We care for
• our customers by providing solution that are adapted to their needs
• each other by being supportive, respectful and honest
• our world by acting responsibly and in accordance with our ethical standards

We simplify
• execution by taking actionable decisions and deliver with speed
• teamwork by transparent communication, active collaboration and knowledge sharing
• our operations by efficient processes and clear ownership