Enhancing customer experience with AI

Case: Transforming to digital

With the support of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), we have enhanced the customer experience in our core business, got to know our customers better and can now meet their needs in a better way. The result is a personalized experience across channels, including online, in customer care conversations and when we contact our customers with new offerings.

To get to where we are today, we started to implement new technology, including a customer data platform, predictive AI and tools for customer care support optimization in Sweden and Finland, which was then scaled to Norway, Estonia and Lithuania. This state-of-the-art technology helps us achieve a much better, action-oriented understanding of customer preferences and household needs. Of course, this only applies to customers who have given their explicit consent. Applying AI models, we can predict individual customer preferences by observing and learning from other customers with similar behaviors and needs.

As an example, the content displayed on the new Telia.se website differs based on individual visitor preferences. AI models are also used to determine which customers are targeted by specific campaigns and to provide recommendations to customer care agents when they talk to our customers. This approach helps us solve our customers’ needs more efficiently, resulting in shorter customer support calls. As a result of every customer call better addressing each customer’s specific needs, sales conversion rates in those calls have doubled. We see the same positive trend when we apply targeted offerings in our outbound direct marketing activities, with those conversion rates quadrupling. Personalization has also reduced the number of customers who opt out of direct marketing by 60%, suggesting that our messages are well crafted.

We are using analytics and AI models on a broad scale and have reached almost one million customers in Finland and more than 1.2 million customers in Sweden with AI insights-driven communication in 2022. Personalization enables Telia to create a better multichannel experience, with total consistency between the ads customers see on social media, the content of emails from Telia and the conversations they have with our customer support.