Telia and TV4, MTV and C More – together we will create magic

The acquisition of Bonnier Broadcasting is completed and Telia Company welcomes TV4, MTV and C More to the Telia family.

TV4, MTV and C More create some of the best content experiences in the region. It spans top-quality drama, strong journalism, exciting sport events and exclusive entertainment. But customer demands and technology are developing rapidly. Telia Company as an owner adds cutting-edge technology know-how. This new joint position makes it possible to do things differently. Together we will build a whole new customer experience.

Telia Company acquires Bonnier Broadcasting

We are combining Telia Company's leading mobile and fixed network with one of the most successful commercial media houses in the Nordics.

Telia Company announced the acquisition of Bonnier Broadcasting, including TV4, C More and Finnish MTV, in July 2018.

Telia Company announced the acquisition of Bonnier Broadcasting, including TV4, C More and Finnish MTV, in July 2018. The deal has been subject to review by the EU Competition Authorities. On November 12 the European Commission declared that the review has been finalized and that the transaction is approved. The transaction was completed on December 2, 2019 which means that we can start working on bringing together the companies.

For us, this deal is about offering our customers clear added value. TV and content has for many years been an important business for Telia and we already have a successful television business, serving 1.8 million households today. Now we are taking the next step. By combining Telia Company's leading mobile and fixed network with one of the most successful media-houses in the Nordics, with well-known brands such as TV4, C More and Finnish MTV, we will be able to deliver world-class content.

We are proud of this deal. We have deep respect for our new role and will of course make sure that the editorial independence is safeguarded and that customers with continue to be able to watch their favourite programs as usual.

Telia Company as media owner

Statement from the Board of Directors on Telia Company´s role as a media owner.

Throughout our history we have enabled a free flow of information. Consequently it has been an important aspect of our operations to promote a number of essential societal principles. We defend freedom of expression, freedom of the media and an open and democratic society.

Today high-quality content is an important part of our ambition to be a hub to our customers digital experiences. This makes our role is broader than before. In a rapidly changing media landscape we are a stable and responsible media owner with a long-term perspective.

We believe in independent publishing with the responsible editorship as a cornerstone. Our media shall portray a multitude of voices and perspectives, opinions shall be depicted from a variety of angles. The editorial work adheres to established local Codes of Ethics for press, tv and radio and the content is free from ties to political parties, financial power spheres and other organized societal interests. All editorial decisions are taken in the editorial offices which are separate from other parts of Telia Company. This guarantees that independent publishing is upheld vis-à-vis the owners, board and management of Telia Company.

Board of Directors, Telia Company AB

Editorial independence

TV4 and MTV produce high-quality news and journalism, distinguishing them from other commercial channels. It is of great societal importance, where editorial independence is a central prerequisite for viewers’ trust.

Telia Company's series of measures to continue to ensure that the editorial independence is safeguarded:

  • The new business unit will be a separate organization within Telia Company and will have a Responsible publisher just as it does today
  • Telia Company have long been working to establish rigorous ethics and compliance, which will now be expanded to also include editorial independence.

These actions are a consequence of the responsibility that arises with the acquisition of a media company. We are looking forward to welcoming some of the best people in the tv industry in the Nordics as a part of this acquisition. 

Read the full statement from the Board of Directors on Telia Company as a media owner.


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