DareTrainees gone models: Malin Lindgren and Abraham Setiawan



In the midst of a cold winter day in Stockholm, we dared to challenge ourselves in a completely different task, which is to be outdoor having a photo session. The main purpose of this is to have our pictures on the recruitment ads in Estonia in correlation with the organization rebranding. Aligned with the new logo and branding objectives, we let go of everything corporate and expressed ourselves in a fun way. With the help of a great makeup artist and a very friendly photographer, we braced the cold and went outside to several interesting landmarks close to our head office in Stureplan. The thoughts of a Broadway artist at Dramaten, a movie star at Skeppsholmen, or a famous model at Norrmalm may be slipped to bystander’s mind as the photographer got in full action taking amazing pictures of us. It is such a cool experience to have been involved as part of the change!

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