My Strategic Project: Anna Faber (Group HR)


DareTrainee Anna Faber

Karen Biehl-Stürmer and I in front of our soon to be office.

Among the five really exciting projects I am currently involved in, one that is very close to my heart is the development of an onboarding process for our new hires. After having experienced a very special DareTrainee onboarding, including a great introduction to our business, customers, industry, talks and insights with Group Executive Management, and team building days with the other DareTrainees, we are at this moment working on developing a business case around how far we can take this “special” onboarding when it comes to all new hires within TeliaSonera. Working with all of the creative ideas that come to mind when wanting to create the perfect onboarding experience for someone is a lot of fun, while it is also challenging to find the right arguments and data to justify certain ideas (and costs) in front of senior management. We are developing a business case around this topic right now, so I will keep you updated on the results

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