Say hello to our people

Different positions mean different career opportunities, but some things are the same wherever you are in Telia. To us, you are much more than an employee. With us, you will have the opportunity to achieve your goals, both as a person and as a professional. If you want to understand what it is like to work at Telia, you should listen to these stories. Watch some short films and read the interviews to get an even better feel for our home and opportunities at Telia.

People of Telia

“Finding my own way”

Amira Khechfeh, Customer Advisor at Telia in Denmark

“Looking for improvements”

Hemdan Bezabih, Senior Telecom Specialist at Telia in Norway

“Removing cards from your wallet”

To find out more about Kuno, read the full interview here.

“The surfing coach”

Mindaugas Cekauskas, Head of Cross Sell and Convergence at Telia in Sweden

Heroes in tech

"Coaching robots"

Toril Ahlin Stenvik, AI trainer at Telia in Trondheim

"Finding the patterns"

Janika Aan, Data Scientist at Telia in Estonia

"Harnessing data opportunities"

Aurelija Mice, Head of Content Management at Telia in Lithuania

Humanizing technology

Pernilla Wikman, Head of Global Business at Telia Company in Stockholm

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