“Saving lives with tech”

This short story is about Abraham from Indonesia. He came to Stockholm to study Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management at the Royal Institute of Technolgy. After his degree, he joined Telia’s DareTrainee program

“I am basically a young techie from Denpasar in Bali who went to Stockholm to study in one of the world’s leading tech hubs. After my graduation, I joined Telia as a DareTrainee. The trainee program was amazing and I was involved in truly exciting projects during that year. Today I work a lot with pre-pre-studying, proof of concept, and prototyping. To work with virtual reality, drones, e-sports and gaming is a great opportunity for a techie like me – I am doing what I love, and getting paid for doing it every day”.

“Right now, I’m focusing on how we can use drone technology to improve life and society. We just developed a drone that can carry a heart defibrillator to a person having cardiac arrest. We have learned a lot since it was the first time we worked in this area, and we now know much more about what drones can do, and how to optimize our mobile network to fly them”.

“The idea is to be able to send out a drone at the same time as the ambulance is dispatched after someone has called 112. The drone will in most cases reach the patient before the ambulance and the treatment can start earlier and more lives can be saved”.

“I think connectivity is the coolest thing we deliver because it enables us to do amazing stuff, like this project and other things we don’t even know about yet”.

“This is a great place to work! I truly make a difference to how our society is developing and I am making our customers lives easier. It is also great to be appreciated at work despite my young age”.

Since my team mostly works with pre-pre-studies, proof of concept, and prototypes, we have to be agile and have an open mind to learn new things. When we have done our proof of concept, it’s important to communicate the results to the leadership team to make sure that we are on the right track. My team is also often asked to present IoT, virtual reality and drone prototypes to people outside the company, which is a great way to get feedback and it always makes me proud over what we are doing here”.

“As you understand, my work means a lot to me, but it’s not the only important part of my life. When I am not at work, playing the bass and being part of a band has always been a great passion. To me, creating music and working with technology innovation has a lot in common. There is a lot of different components that adds something important to the end result. And to make something fantastic, each and every part has to fit perfectly together”.