"Creating tomorrow, today"

Albert is the Swede who left his home country to go on an adventure in Norway. He is now working with innovation at Telia’s Division X, helping customers develop new solutions and making sure everything works by being there, offering support throughout the prototyping phase of the projects.

“I came to Telia to create new hardware for internet of things applications. In almost all projects, we start by building a Lego model of the solution. It’s a great way of dramatizing the value of our ideas. And it’s great fun to be able to build Lego models at work.“

“Right now, I am spending a lot of time with a customer who is creating a solution that will revolutionize how construction sites are organized. By providing 4G on-site and using sensors and tracking devices in a smart way, everyone can see what equipment and which machines are available. With geofencing (location-based services) we know where people are. And by aggregating the data and present it in innovative interfaces, the construction industry can follow how their projects are progressing – in real time. This is especially important in critical and atomized environments like tunnels or mines. And it is an example of how IoT really adds value to companies and society.“

“We work as a team here, but I have learnt a lot about self-leadership and the importance of making my own success. It is always possible to suggest changes and improvements, and to go to relevant seminars or conferences. I am part of a young, dynamic unit and in this technology-driven world, we face new opportunities every day. The fast pace and new possibilities are sometimes challenging, but here I have an opportunity to work on stuff I truly believe in. My team is diverse and offer new perspectives on our projects, which means I always learn new stuff at work, but also when we just hang out together.”

“Outside work, I am also part of a team. With my cycling buddies, I need to perform as an individual, but without my team mates, I won’t get anywhere. And of course, there is some seriously exciting, highly technical hardware to take care of, if you really want to stay on top.”