“Finding my own way”

Amira Khechfeh, Customer Advisor at Telia in Denmark

Amira Khechfeh rocks the shop floor in a Telia store just outside Copenhagen. She took the job to challenge her shy self and wanted to become more confident and secure around people. She has grown with her job and is now a confident customer advisor. So, what was just another job, has become much more to Amira. Now she wants to manage her own Telia store.

“I am trained as a fashion designer, and I have my own brand. But it is very small, and I only work on it at night right now. In fashion school we were taught to go outside our own comfort zones and explore areas we are not so familiar with. This was always a struggle for me. And taking a job with Telia was a way for me to overcome my own limitations. I wanted to become more outgoing and confident with other people. And working here, has really helped me to grow. I have learnt to trust myself and I feel much more secure and open to think outside the box. Both with customers at the shop, and with my fashion work.”

“I had no particular interest in technology when I got the job. But I had a genuine interest in people and what they need and want. And being a people person goes a long way in this job. You need to understand what people want, and then translate that to what they really need. Providing them with the best possible solution, all the time, is what drives me today.”

“I have also learnt that you have to know your products in order to sell them in a credible way, so now I am becoming more and more into technology. I have also become enthralled by the whole retail business and my new goal is to manage my own Telia store. And with the great leaders we have here, I think it is possible to do that in a couple of years. Our leaders coach us personally, but also as a team. This means that I know exactly how I can grow, and we are all on the same page when it comes to how we develop as a team”

“Having a fantastic leader is so important. I am amazed about how fast I have grown in my role and it wouldn’t have happened without Abbas, my leader. We talk about my development in very serious terms, but we also laugh a lot together, and he is there to make sure that the whole team has a blast together every day. The team spirit is crucial for me. Every day, we have so much fun together. And the energy is almost physically tangible.”

“Being a great customer advisor comes down to the small details. You have to listen carefully to understand your customer, and then deliver a solution that is perfect for them. And that is the same with my work as a fashion designer, understanding your customer and really deliver quality in every single detail is how you keep customers coming back.”