"Always one step ahead!"

Andrius Kašėta has always worked with IT. But a few years ago, he slowly became convinced that he didn’t just want to work with IT. He wanted to do it in an environment where IT is the core business. So almost a year ago, he joined us at Telia.

– I always wanted to work for a company where IT is the main business and where big changes and technological progress happens, day in and day out.

Another big reason for choosing to work here was the company culture. I approached Telia employees and found that they all were talking about the dynamic, supporting and encouraging culture – and as it turned out they were all right.

So I expected to come to a dynamic environment, where technological progress is the main driving force for a team of professionals who aspire to change and empower people’s everyday life. But I never anticipated how inspiring the projects are – my family says that I’m coming home from work every day looking happy and inspired.

This company is on a journey to become a new generation telco, and I literally feel like I am inside the main vehicle on this trip. We work on innovations every day, we talk to our friends about it and we see the results of our work whenever we walk the streets of Vilnius. Everywhere you look, you can see how this company has an impact on everyday life. All around me, I see people streaming TV shows on their smartphones, they use new payment solutions and we all experience the virtues of a more connected society wherever we go.

My biggest passion outside work and besides my family, is tango. I dance several times a week and together with my wife, I take lessons to continue to improve. To me, tango and technology are very similar. Dancing evolves all the time, someone invents a new step or a move. Or someone creates a new piece of music that makes a difference to how you can dance. So, just like technology, the tango is constantly evolving. And being part of that development and trying to harness the new possibilities is what makes tango and technology so inspiring.