“Calling the shots”

Anna Faber, Organizational Development Lead at Telia in Stockholm

Anna Faber is working with organizational development at Telia in Sweden. She is helping teams to perform better together. When she is not at work, you find her on the ice with her hockey team, aiming to go further, faster.

“I am on a great journey with Telia. I came here from Germany, five years ago and joined as a trainee. Today, my focus is to find new ways of working and I am looking into how we organize ourselves to solve complex challenges in the Digital & Analytics unit.”

“The trainee program I joined, did not sound like any other I had heard of. We came in as a group of curious change makers from all over the world and we were expected to challenge everything. I came in as a young digital native to ask a lot of questions and bring in fresh ideas, which is what I am still doing today.”

“Now, when I am involved in organizational development initiatives to improve how individuals and teams work together, I rely a lot on my degree in behavioral science and I strive to make change happen through people, not by pushing it on them. I run trainings, workshops and I am coaching leaders and teams to be more effective. I help them to find purpose and a sense of achievement to enjoy their jobs even more.”

“Telia has a range of development programs and learning experiences for both individuals and teams. What makes them special is that they are developed to suit our needs and are delivered and scaled through our own internal community of over 150 facilitators. You don’t find that at many companies. We have the strong belief that everything starts with you. As a Telia employee you are in a place where we believe in and continue to develop the best in you. You can bring your whole self to work here and really make a difference if you decide to go for it.”

“In my spare time, I play top league ice hockey. When I was 11 years old, I saw my brother play with his team, and simply thought – “I can do that better”. So, I joined his team and started to play. Today, I am proud to play for Hammarby Hockey, a top league team. Still, my brother has moved on even further and now plays professionally back in Germany. “I love the power that can be released when you get the team dynamics in place. In hockey and at work, a strong team can turn an ordinary day into a great day!”