“Leading by being a role model”

Claes Öhlund, Sales Area Manager at Telia in Sweden

Claes is a customer obsessed leader of Telia’s flagship store on Kungsgatan in Stockholm. His management style is pretty simple – lead by example, and spend as much time as possible out on the floor with your team and meet customers – is his simple formula for success.

“I started to work in one of Telia’s stores when I was still in school. I always loved people and technology, so taking care of customers in a tech shop was a great way to start off my career. I was part of a great team and grew both personally and professionally every day. I went from being a pretty insecure teenager with no experience in sales, to a leader who understands how to coach and engage others. So, having career at Telia is like a dream come true – I love my job and I am surrounded by customers, the latest technology and gadgets.

Captain of the flagship store
“Today I am a Sales Area Manager at our flagship store in the center of Stockholm with a staff of 40. I am a sales person at heart and I love seeing customers every day. Meeting customers is always inspiring and it’s important for me to understand their needs. And working on the shop floor is my way of being a role model and inspire my team to reach their goals and targets. Being able to lead yourself is really important here, and my role is to coach my team in a way that they all grow and become great self-leaders.”

Confidence and energy are my keys to success
“Apart from working together, me and my team do a lot of other fun things after closing time, and my team has become almost like a second family to me. Being a tight group, makes work both more effective and joyful. When I am not at work, I am together with my wife and kids. We live outside Stockholm, and we spend a lot of time raising, training and caring for our horses. The relationship you develop with a horse has a lot in common with being a leader within our company. A horse is receptive to what you do, how you do it and the mood you are in. If you are confident, clear and full of energy, you and your horse have all the chances in the world to become the perfect team and accomplish great things.”