“I never run out of ideas”

Claus is a Senior Project Manager at Telia in Copenhagen who runs cutting-edge projects together with his customers. His latest project is an app, co-created with the football club FC Copenhagen that shows replays of goals to football fans in real time. To stay creative and on top, Claus goes out running every morning.

“I came to Telia in August 2016, inspired by the bold change agenda and the company’s drive to become the new generation telco.”

“Working here, is as inspiring as I expected it to be. I have been involved in a string of cutting-edge projects since the day I joined. But maybe more importantly, I have been working on a lot of inspiring and innovative projects together with different start-ups. A favorite project is based on network connectivity, Internet of things, Machine Learning and 3D-printing. It’s all very exciting. We are now leaving the idea phase to design an actual pilot.”

“My latest project is to help FC Copenhagen to show supporters, replays of goals and exclusive filmed material, via an app – in real time. It is a great way of using our technology for something that both myself and thousands of fans love.”

“As a side project, I have developed a prototype for a digital assistant that automatically records minutes of meetings. The concept was part of an internal competition that I won. Telia is now providing the resources I need to take the prototype into the next phase, where we can actually test it live with potential users.”

“During my time here, I have grown a lot. My responsibility is about coaching the Danish organization how to test and validate ideas and technologies with customers, before developing final products and services.”

“This is the perfect place for me. I get to run many cutting-edge projects. To stay on top and refuel my energy levels, I run a lot. Almost all mornings I hit the roads early to clear my head. It is like meditation and the running gives me the energy that I need to keep a smile on my face all day long.”