“Improving experiences with data”

Daniela Capsa, Data Scientist, Telia Company in Sweden

Daniela is part of a team working with TV at Telia. She is a data scientist crunching data together with data engineers and data architects to understand how they can improve the experience for Telia’s TV-users.

“For a data scientist like me, working here is just great. The vast amount of data we have access to is a phenomenal asset to create new solutions and improve our existing services. I have been here for a few years now and have changed teams a few times, only to find new and more stimulating opportunities to grow and learn more about analyzing data.”

“I spent quite a long time in the academic world, and it was always a career option for me. But working here is even more exciting as we always use the latest tools, have access to unique data sources and I have colleagues that not only inspire me by providing new perspectives, but actually teach me new stuff every week. And I am not kidding when I say that my programming and analytical skills develop continually, and I am now more confident when tackling increasingly complex analytical cases.”

“Today I am part of the TV tribe, working closely with data engineers and data architects to elevate the TV experience for all our customers. We analyze data to understand and to better tailor and individualize the experience of all users of our services including content. But we also – and this is what I am mostly involved in – analyze data and use it to improve performance and minimize interruptions.”

“Working together with other data enthusiasts makes the work flow really interesting. And the tools we work with, Workbench and airflow for instance, are the best around and they have made my learning really curve steep.”

“When I am not working, I love baking. I’ll bake anything from big cakes to small macarons, from healthy bread to butter-filled cinnamon buns. Baking has a lot of similarities to my work. I follow a clear algorithm. I predict a result. And when I am done, the results are tested and validated by friends and family.”