“A taste for opportunities”

Divya Panicker joined Telia after a career in the consulting business at companies like Cap Gemini and Accenture. She was drawn to Telia by the potential of doing amazing things with data and analytics. After six years at Telia, Divya is now a Service Manager for Application Maintenance & Analytical Tools – the source of all aggregated data at Telia.

What I love about Telia and my team is that we are driven by the radical changes and opportunities that data can create. How we use data and how we can simplify lives will have a huge impact on everyday life in the future, not only for Telia and our customers, but for the whole of society. Being part of creating the future is what keeps me and my team going, and it is what makes Telia so special.”

Team work & Data Driven Innovative Projects

“Every day when I go to work, I know that it is up to me to shape my own possibilities. Telia provides me with the technology, methods and tools to move forward. And the data we have in our hands enable us to do amazing things. Basically it’s up to me and my colleagues to drive innovative data driven projects using the latest Analytical tools to shape the future for ourselves and our society, every day at work. ”

A place where I can grow

“I am a Business driven Global person, I am a Manager, I am a Mother, which means that I am perfect at Telia. Here there are openings for people from all kinds of backgrounds. And I think more people should pursue their own opportunity with us at Telia. For me, the growth has been tremendous, from coming in as a Solution Design Manager 6 years ago to being the Service Manager for the Data Lake is just fantastic. I smile every day when I meet my smart colleagues, knowing that we can access the best and latest big data tools.”