“Empowering healthcare”

Eleonore Holmström-Östlind, Business Development Manager Healthcare at Telia in Sweden

Get to know Eleonore Holmström-Östlind who is developing tech solutions that will improve life for both hospital staff and patients. She is working with business development in our Procare division and cares as much about people as she does for technology.

“I came to Telia from a completely different industry and joined because I wanted to challenge myself, learn new things and continue to work with great people. All my expectations came true. I started out as a project manager, and now I am part of a team, working with new ways to improve health care with innovative technology. One part is about making work-life in hospitals safer and more efficient. The other part is about developing new digital solutions to improve workflow for hospital staff so they can spend more quality time with patients.”

“We are about ten people in the Procare team and many of us are working in many different places around Sweden. Still, by using the latest tools, we work really well together, and we refer to ourselves as the best functioning virtual team. We have a lot of fun and push each other with video meetings and other methods that makes virtual teams work better together.”

“I don’t just care for people; I have a newfound love of taking care of my garden. Making a plant grow by providing the best possible conditions and gentle attention have a lot of similarities to my work. To be successful in healthcare, you need to think ahead and take care of the details. And if you nurture your ideas in the same way as you care for your plants, you can expect fantastic results in the future.”