"Securing success"

Fredrik Börjesson, Head of Information Security Consulting at Cygate, a part of Telia

Meet Fredrik Börjesson a security geek both at work and in his free time. At Cygate, a part of Telia, he is leading the information security consulting team. And privately, he is a marine safety instructor and RIB charter captain. Get to know this enthusiastic tech security guy at work and on one of his boats.

“I started to work for Telia and Cygate because I was asked to build up a new security consulting unit. I enjoy the challenge of starting up new ventures and moved here from a much smaller consulting company. Working for a company of Telia’s size and scale, I learn something new every day.”

Creating true impact
“Being senior and experienced, I have the opportunity to work with group-wide projects and I have learned a lot from working in a big organization like this. The impact we create when we put our people and resources together is enormous. And it’s inspiring to work in teams where people bring so many new ideas and angles to the table. It feels like our culture is based on a strong drive to innovate and cooperate, which creates an awesome work climate. The people I interact with on all levels are open, helpful and welcoming.”

Surprisingly innovative
“To be honest, I couldn’t imagine how innovative this company is. Not just with visions and ideas – but creating impactful, innovative project with our customers day in, and day out. Being part of building a team, winning and delivering our projects, makes me grow every day.”

Always safety first
“Security is something I work with outside of Telia and Cygate as well. Besides my family, the archipelago and the sea are my passions. I am a marine safety and navigation instructor in my free time. And you’ll find me as a captain on high speed RIB charter or training boats when I am not at work. Security can be very technical, but it is also about an attitude – and I have that same attitude when I am on a RIB boat and when I advise our customers on IT-security.”