“Empowering kids online”

Heddy Ring, Sustainability Manager at Telia Company in Estonia

Heddy Ring is part of an international team at Telia, driving the company’s sustainability agenda. At the centre of that work, you find our Daring Goals – to reach zero waste and zero CO2 with 100 percent engagement and action from the people in our company. In addition to pushing those bold ambitions, Heddy is responsible for Telia’s work with protecting children’s rights online.

“Being part of the sustainability team is not only inspiring, it is probably one of the most important jobs around. Right now, the world is experiencing a fundamental shift in how society is evolving and how we live our lives. The main driver of this change is digitalization and use of new technology, which is at the core of what we do at Telia. This gives us an important role to play. And my job is to make sure we reach our overarching goals, but I am also specifically responsible for what we do to protect and empower kids online. Today, my job has a purpose and I feel that I make a difference through my work to many people, which is why this is my dream job.”

“My role has changed a lot since I joined Telia. I started out in event marketing and I was the head of sponsorships here in Estonia. Later, I moved into a role as Head of Sustainability locally, and from there I joined the Group Sustainability Strategy team.”

“Telia has given me a lot of opportunities to grow and develop as a professional. Thanks to the company and my colleagues, I have developed into the sustainability expert I am today. My managers, both locally and internationally have supported me 100 percent along the way. This place is just filled with collaborative, great and friendly people.”

“I am constantly learning new things. I am learning by doing, but also through my colleagues and external partners. I am working a lot with children’s rights organizations, which gives me access to people who are experts in their fields and extremely passionate about protecting and empowering children. It is great to work with people who are 100 percent committed to an inspiring mission like protecting and empowering children online.”

“I find the company culture to be very friendly, helpful, collaborative, and I really value the self-leadership part of the culture. The fact that you can live in Estonia, keep your lifestyle, and still join an international team at Telia Company without moving to Stockholm is perfect for me. The best of two worlds.”

“To relax and get time to do some quality thinking on my own, I like to run. It’s a great way to relax, but also to connect with the planet and nature that I am here to protect.”